Welcome to The Official ULTIMATE Pro Series

An unique career progression programme of courses specialising in linking beauty and micropigmentation creating ULTIMATE Pro's.

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Time to join the Pro's

Fully professional accredited training with career progression, creating a united force of incredible talented individuals.

Setting the standard of high quality treatments for clients achieved with excellence within our skills focus learning.

Be your Pro

At Ultimate Pro Beauty Group we are all about career progression.

"IT's TIME" to welcome you to the family of BROWS, LASHES, & NAILS Pro's.

We have a full team of ELITE MASTER's ready to guide you to enhance your full potential.

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Time to get you on the Pro Map

Ultimate Tech Pro


Level 2

Launching your career with a stunning foundation into your chosen speciality.

We have lovely designed a course giving you a full array of skills creating a treatment list of options for your clients to choose from, with the high plus of this being a career focused course and a recognised qualification.

This is a huge headstart into the industry.

Welcome to Team Pro

Ultimate Artist Pro


Level 3

Time to up level again and gain your true flare and excel even further in the industry, including a fashion twist to the skills you already have, encouraging you to find your own inner artist.

Adding more advanced techniques to your portfolio again.

Advancing to the next level of qualification.

Let's welcome you to the Pro ARTIST TEAM!

Ultimate Master Pro


Level 4

Welcome to Permanent Makeup, let's add Micropigmentation to your portfolio of skills!

Alongside your skills as a Technician and Artist it’s time to fly!

Learn how to enhance, reconstruct, cosmetically where you’ve wanted to add or truly complement on a treatment you already adore.

The time has never been so ready to have you learn these life changing skills and proudly achieve your Pro MASTERS Skills!

Pro Conversion Course

Pro Conversion Course

Are you trained elsewhere and would love to join Team Pro?

Our conversion course is designed with our full career progression in mind, obtaining all the current skills within the industry required to simply be the best.

Yes it’s time to achieve the full Pro series!

Technician - Artist - Master - Elite

Elite Team Pro



Our incredible tutor team have been selected as the best in many ways to help guide you through your career journey with us as Pro's.

We will guide you through you academy teaching qualification and help you even set up your own satellite branch of Ultimate Pro Beauty Group.

Let's help you reach for this career achievement and proud to show you the foundations of being a true ULTIMATE Pro

Find out more about our courses on each of our Pro pages...

The Pro Series

Ultimate Brow Pro
Ultimate Lashes Pro